• Full laundry service

    Full laundry service

    Is it too strong to say we’re in the business of saving lives? Not from what we hear!

    Laundry can be an unwelcome burden for people going through emotionally taxing times. Whether you have had a sick child, need a dress laundered for a loved-one’s funeral, have a baby, or have brought bed bugs back from an overseas trip, we can help.

    Our time-saving full service includes any necessary pre-wash stain removal, washing, drying, folding and placing your items in a laundry bag. An optional ironing service is also available. We look after your garments with care, and if you drop off a load before 10:00am, we can have it ready for you to pick up by 4:00pm the same day. Express service may be available.

    Our ‘house specialty’ is doonas and sleeping bags. We love washing them. We love seeing your face when we hand you back your item looking as good as new. We love it when you pop in and tell us that you have a better night’s sleep now under your duvet or blanket, or that you were so much warmer in your sleeping bag after taxing day of hiking.


    • duvets, doonas and blankets, washed and dried $44 to $60 each
    • sleeping bags (we guarantee an extra 7 degrees Celsius of warmth) $45 to $85
    • mattress toppers, $45 to $60 each
    • wash-dry-fold per load, $33
    • bed bugs and flea infestations are treated at $33 per load
    • dry and fold per load, $24

    pick-up and delivery service (minimum $11) to all areas of Canberra, POA

  • Self-service


    You are travelling through Canberra and you want a reliable and clean laundromat in a safe neighbourhood to wash your clothes. Or, the washing machine has broken and it’s raining! Or heavy linen just won’t fit in your own machine.

    We have five self-service washing machines and five dryers. The machines are well-maintained and spotlessly clean. We use hot wash-water and filtered rinse water so your laundry is bright, fresh and lint-free, and after a 30-minute wash cycle, our efficient dryers can have your (regular) load dry in another 35 minutes.

    Our friendly staff members are available to help you use the machines. They can give expert advice on managing colours, treating stains and caring for your clothes.

    With staff on site, you can feel secure leaving your load to go for a coffee, or do some grocery shopping at nearby businesses.

    Our machines take tokens which can be purchased from on-site staff members for cash or through EFTPOS.


    • 7kg wash from $10.00
    • washing powder available from staff, $1.50 per scoop
    • drying your laundry is $4.50 per 10 minutes, $3.00 cool down. There is a $4.00 dry-only surcharge.
  • Dry cleaning

    Dry cleaning

    We are agents of Supreme Dry Cleaners and provide the highest quality care, at competitive prices.

    Drop off your dry cleaning before 8.30am and pick up after 3.30pm, or request a pick-up and delivery service by contacting us.

    Cost: 3 items for $37 (may change depending on item)

  • Ironing


    We offer a convenient and professional ironing service for those who are time-poor or going through illness or bereavement.

    Come in and meet our team of professionally-trained and peer-reviewed hand ironers (yes, really).

    We cater for a range of ironing needs, from table linen to formal and business attire. We replace your missing buttons as we find them.

    We can supply hangers and plastic wrap to prevent dust and rain marking ironed garments and we can iron and pack your garments for travel.

    Our team guarantees that your ironing will be returned spotlessly clean, stain- and odour-free and with a smooth professional finish.

    Drop off and pick up your ironing at your convenience, or request pick-up and delivery at suitable times by contacting us.


    • business shirts: $5.50
    • trousers and jeans: $6
    • dresses from: $10
    • polo shirts, $3.50
    • t-shirts: $3.00
  • Custom tailoring

    Custom tailoring

    Repairs and alterations are made by our professional tailor, affording you the perfect fit and look. Our prices are competitive and reasonable compared with city stores.

    As part of our service, customers using our ironing service can enjoy free replacements of missing shirt buttons.

    Cost: to be advised

  • Doonas and sleeping bags

    Doonas and sleeping bags

    Don’t risk ruining your expensive bedding investments with a one-method-fits-all approach to cleaning. Laundering doonas, sleeping bags, eiderdowns, bedspreads, mattress toppers and blankets takes a specialist understanding of how fabrics will respond.

    Woollen doonas and blankets often have chemicals embedded during manufacture to stabilise the wool. Eliminating those chemicals through washing does irreparable damage. Dry cleaning is the best method and Ainslie Laundrette can managed this as an agent for Amazing Clean.

    Cost: between $44.00 and $60.00.

    Silk doonas are also largely dry-clean only.

    Cost: between $44.00 and $60.00.

    Feather and down doonas and sleeping bags do best when they are laundered in machines without agitators. In fact, they can gain up to seven degrees Celsius in extra warmth from eliminating body oils and moisture and tumble drying to increase loft. Feather and down product cleaning is our specialty. We use hypo-allergenic detergents and specialist machines.

    Cost: between $44.00 and $60.00.

    Polyester, microfibre and cotton items are similarly laundered as per feather and down items. On the whole, microfibre costs less than natural items due to reduced drying times.

    Cost: between $44.00 and $60.00.

    Special offer

    In the fresh and cool environment of the capital region of New South Wales and Canberra, we rely on heavier bedding linen to keep us warm. If you live in a regional area, we have a special postal offer where you can post your items to us and we will return post after cleaning. Allow five days for this service.

  • Curtains and drapes

    Curtains and drapes

    Why pay up to $4,500 per window for the fabric, the backing and the manufacture of curtains if you’re thinking of selling your home or want to freshen up your decor?

    Professional laundering is more cost-effective and efficient and can remove unwanted pet hair, dust, mould and mildew.

    Ainslie Laundrette is an agent for Amazing Clean and we can arrange for curtains to be cleaned, sanitised and deodorised without shrinkage or colour loss.

    Leave your hooks in the curtains and bring them to us or we can arrange to have your curtains picked up and delivered back to you when clean. Expect to leave your curtains with us for seven to ten days.

    Cost: Around $40 per drop. A drop is the width of fabric between vertical seams in each curtain. A $12 charge will be made for re-hooking per curtain if you do remove your curtains’ hooks.

  • Leather and suede

    Leather and suede

    In Australia, all care instructions must be permanently attached to clothing articles. They must be written in English, and must be appropriate for the care of the article.

    Leather and suede articles commonly have the following symbol on their care label:


    It lets the cleaner know that petroleum and silicone-based solvents only will be effective in cleaning the articles. Very few cleaners in Australia are licensed to use the solvents necessary.

    Ainslie Laundrette is Canberra’s exclusive agent for Leather and Suede Care Pty Ltd, based in Botany New South Wales.

    Turnaround time on garment cleaning is three weeks.

    Cost: approximately $75 to $120 for a leather jacket, depending on work required.

  • Pick-up and delivery

    Pick-up and delivery

    We offer pick-up and delivery for bulk laundry requirements.

    David is the friendliest driver we know of, and if we didn’t need him, we could hire him out to teach other businesses about handling goods with care!

    What’s David’s philosophy? Your laundry arrives on time and in the best condition.

    Contact us to arrange for convenient times and charges.

    Cost: pick-up and delivery service (minimum $11) to all areas of Canberra, POA

  • Pillow Cleaning

    Pillow Cleaning

    Keep your pillow talk clean.

    Just because you change your pillowcases, doesn’t mean your pillows are clean. A pillow’s weight can actually double over the course of its lifetime with accumulated dust, sweat, dead skin cells and other nasties.

    If home laundering your pillows is difficult, call
    Ainslie Laundrette.

    We clean covers, removing most if not all stains.
    Whether foam, feather or synthetic, the inside filling is taken care of too; with dust mites, bacteria and dead skin cells removed before each pillow is brought back to
    its fluffy self.

    Cushions each: $9.50

    Regular pillows each: $17.50

    European pillows each: $22.00

  • Shoe Cleaning & Repairs

    Shoe Cleaning & Repairs

    How far would Cinderella have gone up the social ladder without her shoes?

    This question matters to us at Ainslie Laundrette.
    Our customers know that buying expensive shoes is a long-term investment in comfort that they
    want maintained.

    Ainslie Laundrette’s cobblers can replace soles and/or heels ($65 to $90) and do other minor repairs
    as required. With these services we provide a complimentary nippy shoe shine.

    Research has shown that people who keep their shoes immaculate are seen as conscientious types. If you want gleaming shoes that reflect your personality, try our deluxe shoe care and shoe shine service.

    Our shine masters work by hand, assessing materials
    for treatment, stripping back old polish where necessary and gently cleaning before shining and buffing
    to perfection.

    Don’t wait for a special event. With our deluxe shoe shine service, every day can offer a Cinderella moment.

    Prices start at $11 for children’s shoes. The ultimate treatment is $66 for a pair of shoes that will continue to gleam for up to six months.

  • Linen Hire

    Linen Hire

    Clean Living Linen Hire

    Bedrooms can prompt either a mental ‘ewww’ or ‘ahhhh’. Which would you prefer from you or your guests? Preparing an inviting, clean and comfortable bedroom takes effort and time … time that’s not always available.

    Whether: your mother-in-law is coming to visit for
    two weeks

    • You have just moved to Canberra and your manchester and the washing machine are
      10 days away
    • You are hosting a parliamentarian
    • Your son and his friend are coming back for university holidays
    • Your wife is incapacitated by illness
    • You have taken an exchange student
    • You have four futsal players billeted for the winter schools competition
    • You are going to stay at that writers’ camp but you have to BYO linen….

    Our linen hire can provide the ‘ahh’ that precedes peaceful dreams.

    We hire anything from two towels ($3.30 each) for a night, to deluxe packages including: doonas, blankets, pillows, bath robes, towels, all sheets and pillow cases. Plus we can include guest soaps, tea lights, candles, Evans and Tate Fresh-As-A-Daisy sauvignon blanc or similar, and
    The Laundress laundry travel pack. We can even make your bed up for you.

    Prices are up to $440 for a two-week hire and most packages include pickup and delivery.