3 Edgar Street
Ainslie ACT 2602
3 Edgar Street
Ainslie ACT 2602
PO Box 4213
Ainslie ACT 2602
(02) 6162 4170
(02) 6162 4150
0406 377 335

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  • "I still can't believe that you can save your sanity, just by getting your laundry done! Now that I'm back to work full time, the Wash, Dry, Fold service at Ainslie Laundrette has given me back my weekends. I like Ainslie Laundrette best out of all the laundries too."
    Sandy, Ainslie
    April 2015
  • "I'm sharing the love on this one! My ironing picked up from my office between 10:00 and 10.30am and delivered back 24 hours later! What's
    not to like?"
    Amanda, Civic
    June 2012
  • "It's not just that you're a laundry. It's like you're friends.
    Dorothy, Ainslie
    December 2014
  • "This blanket has been in the family for three generations. Who else was I going to trust it to when it was soiled? I knew they would do a good job. They took the time to listen to me and told me exactly what they would do. Jennifer explained that it was possible that the natural dyes they used back then might wash out. But when I got it back,
    I was so happy! It was
    better than ever."
    Brenda, Reid
    May 2012
  • "Your staff are so polite and kind. I love you helping me with my washing and taking it out to my car."
    Edith, Ainslie
    June 2014
  • "My wife is pregnant and is struggling with our 4 year old son. You give the fastest turnaround service and the best folded clothes. I think your service is probably worth more than investing in superannuation.”
    Simon, Chiffley
    April 2015
  • "Yes you do save lives! I just wanted to cry. I didn't know where to start. The men who cleaned my house said to call you. My daughter brought bed bugs home from the coast and we needed all our washing done to get rid of them. I couldn't believe it. You were such a huge help. And so friendly. We felt we could really lean on you for support.
    And we got it.”
    Meg, Farrer
    February 2015