Doonas and Sleeping Bags

Don’t risk damaging your expensive bedding by using the wrong cleaning method. Washing items like doonas, duvets, sleeping bags, quilts, bedspreads, mattress toppers, and blankets requires special care. It needs a good understanding of different fabrics, gentle cleaning products that are safe for allergies, and industrial washing machines.

Feather and down doonas, sleeping bags and down (puffer) jackets are our speciality and do best when laundered in machines without agitators. Items can gain up to seven degrees Celsius in extra warmth as body oils and moisture are eliminated and become fluffier after they are tumble dried

Polyester, microfibre and cotton items are similarly laundered as per feather and down items.

Woollen doonas and blankets often have chemicals embedded during manufacture to stabilise the wool. Eliminating those chemicals through washing can do irreparable damage. Dry cleaning is the best method and Ainslie Laundrette can manage this as we are agents for Supreme Dry Cleaning.

Silk doonas are also dry-clean only.

Wash and dry items include:

  • Costs to wash and dry your items include:
  • Doonas – Polyester/Synthetic
  • Doonas – Feather/Down/Wool
  • Doonas – King Size
  • Mattress Toppers/Underlays
  • Blankets/Bedspreads/Quilts
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Down/Puffer Jackets

Pillow Cleaning

Keep your pillow talk clean.

Just because you change your pillowcases, doesn’t mean your pillows are clean. A pillow’s weight can actually double over the course of its lifetime with accumulated dust, sweat, dead skin cells and other nasties.

Whether foam, feather or synthetic, the inside filling is taken care of, with dust mites, bacteria and dead skin cells removed before each pillow is brought back to its fluffy self. We also clean pillow protectors and pillow slips, removing most, if not all stains.

If home laundering your pillows is difficult, bring them to Ainslie Laundrette or call us to arrange a delivery service. Items include:

  • Pillows – Synthetic/Cotton
  • Feather/Down/European pillows
  • Pillow Protectors
  • Cushions (square)

Special offer

In the fresh and cool environment of the capital region of New South Wales and Canberra, we rely on heavier bedding linen to keep us warm. If you live in a regional area, we have a special postal offer where you can post your items to us and we will return post after cleaning.

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