Is it too strong to say we’re in the business of saving time and money for busy lives? Not from what we hear!

Whether you have had a sick child, need your business or work clothes laundered quickly, have a ton of baby nappies or have brought bed bugs back from an overseas trip, we can help.We look after all your garments and household items with care.

Our time-saving full laundry service includes any necessary pre-wash stain removal, washing, drying, folding and placing your items in a laundry bag. An optional ironing service is also available. We will do a same-day wash, dry and fold service.

Our “house specialty” is doonas and sleeping bags. Our industrial-sized machines ensure that “fresh as a daisy” result and we love seeing your face when you pop in and tell us that you had a better night’s sleep under your clean duvet or blanket, or that you were so much warmer in your sleeping bag after a taxing day of hiking.

Own an Air B & B? We can pick-up, launder, press and deliver all your linen in plenty of time before your next guests arrive. For more information refer to the Linen Hire service tab on this website.

Our most popular laundry services include:

  • Wash-dry-fold
  • Wash and dry only
  • Doonas, Underlays and Mattress Toppers, washed and dried
  • Sleeping bags, gently washed and dried
  • Down/Puffer Jackets
  • Blankets, washed and dried
  • Pillows, washed and dried
  • Tablecloths, washed, dried and pressed
  • Bed bugs and flea infestations treatment
  • Pick-up and delivery service to all areas of Canberra and near by areas

Contact us for a full price list and further information regarding your laundry needs.

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