Preserving the longevity of your shoes is essential, and at Ainslie Laundrette, we understand the value of maintaining your investment in comfort. Our skilled cobblers offer comprehensive repair services, including sole and heel replacements, as well as minor repairs as needed. Turnaround time for repairs is typically up to five days from receipt, with prices ranging from $30.00 to $90.00.

Shoe Polishing

Keeping your shoes in impeccable condition not only reflects well on your appearance but also portrays a sense of conscientiousness. Our deluxe shoe care and shoe shine service ensure that your shoes gleam with perfection. Our experienced shine masters meticulously assess materials, remove old polish if necessary, and delicately clean before applying a flawless shine and buff. Elevate your everyday style with our deluxe shoe shine service and enjoy a polished look every day.

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