An open letter to our customers

For six years Ainslie Laundrette has operated as a successful small business from the Ainslie shops. We love what we do, we love our customers and we love our community. But our work and the viability of our business has recently been threatened by suggestions that there may be asbestos around our premises.

We acknowledge the heightened concern that the Canberra community rightfully has about asbestos and understand that city officials take a ‘precautionary principle’ approach when making public comments to the media, which may sometimes be taken out of context.

The Work Safety Commissioner is on record as saying he is confident four businesses that have been extensively tested in the southern half of the shops—including Ainslie Laundrette—are safe.

Yet his message has been buried under conflicting comments to the media that may imply our team members and our customers are at risk from asbestos.

Asbestos assessors are due to provide their final report on the investigation of buildings in coming days.

We remain optimistic that their report will ease concerns.

We operate a care-based service and caring for our customers and our staff is the centrepiece of everything we do.

We are committed to the Ainslie community and to operating a reputable, reliable and passionate small business that is part of northern Canberra’s rich fabric.

We ask for your support as we continue to deliver you exemplary and caring service.

Jennifer Lanspeary
Owner, Ainslie Laundrette

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