The black, white and purple of stain removal

Recently Cosmopolitan Magazine in the UK listed “16 struggles that only anyone who wears black will understand”. Three of the 16 struggles related to clothing stains.

They included:

white deodorant marks

mayonnaise, which they described as the nemesis that stains so badly but tastes so good; and

makeup marks around the collar. The writer of the article believes that anyone who says it is worse on white tops “is lying”.

It prompted Ainslie Laundrette staff to speculate on whether people who wear all-black are justified in their claims. After all, doesn’t almost every advertisement for stain removers feature a light or white-coloured garment with those dreaded grass/wine/lipstick/chocolate stains?

The reality is that it doesn’t matter whether your garment is black, white, blue, green or purple! A stain has the potential to ruin any garment whether it is an ‘in-your-face’ red wine stain on a favourite white shirt; or a subtle yellow discolouration on a delicate green dress.

Unless you understand what caused the stain, you risk doing more damage by implementing a one-size-fits-all approach to removing it.

Supermarkets offer a range of laundry products and there are advertorials aplenty on television that tell you how to ‘get the best results’ with no accounting for fabric type, water type, temperature, time or whether the stain is water, oil or chemical-based.

Those who advocate natural ‘cure alls’ make similar claims.

In fact, stains on fabric represent a complex chemical reaction that require a scientific understanding of molecular bonding, action and reaction. Stain removal requires a similar level of scientific understanding and process to gain the best results.

When faced with a stain, we suggest contacting us to talk you through a battle plan. We sell and use The Laundress Stain Solution which can be used in different ways and amounts to tackle a variety of stains on individual fabrics.

We can’t promise we’ll turn back time but with 20% off the stain solution this month, you’ll be a step closer to reviving your garments, whether they are beige, navy, orange with pink spots, or simply … black.

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