Our shirtfronts actually make impact

Some years ago, the Interverse was in a lather over former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott threatening to ‘shirtfront’ Russian President Vladimir Putin after Russian-backed rebels shot down a civilian aircraft, killing all passengers, including 38 Australians.

While it sounded menacing, the term still had many of our international friends reaching for their dictionaries because it is quintessentially Australian. It is used to describe an Australian Rules football player shoulder charging an opponent.

Thanks to Mr Abbott, the dictionary definition has now been extended to “confront someone with a complaint or grievance”.

>At Ainslie Laundrette, our shirtfronts never cause customer complaints or grievance because they are so crisp and beautifully ironed.

Unlike Mr Abbott, we don’t just talk the talk. Our shirtfronts actually do follow through. You can see Ainslie Laundrette’s shirtfronts (albeit under suit jackets) any day of the week on ABC News 24.

Our work is also in boardrooms, banks, agencies and at special events all over town.

Etiquette experts claim that ironed shirts are more figure-flattering and can improve someone’s appearance by 100%.

They also say it can convey the impression of care, efficiency and capability.

In contrast, wrinkled shirts may suggest slovenliness and laziness.

There is an art to ironing a shirt well and at Ainslie Laundrette, we’re artistic experts!

Come in and take advantage of our ironing special for October and let us help you look well groomed, clean, approachable, and capable of ‘shirtfronting’ any problems that come your way.

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