Tooth Fairy Sleep Hygiene

Pity the poor Tooth Fairy.

It can’t be an easy task reaching under children’s pillows to harvest teeth.

You have to wonder what other ‘treasures’ are to found.

As one mother noted recently in an online support column, upon changing her son’s pillowcase she found three books, half a pair of pyjamas, three dirty socks, a friendship bracelet, a DS pen, her own hairband, two drawings, an empty juice bottle, miniature marble maze, and a key ring.

It’s a wonder the Tooth Fair could even locate a tooth!

Then there’s the whole ‘get around the world as quickly as possible every night’ issue (and with no penalty rates), the rising cost of a tooth, and the difficulties of working around children who can’t sleep from excitement.

And we all know that the Tooth Fair won’t show up if a child doesn’t sleep.

Our friends in the US celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day on 22 August. They also celebrate it again on 28 February!

It’s a tough gig, so may be the Tooth Fairy does deserve to be celebrated twice.

At Ainslie Laundrette, we’re determined to help the Tooth Fairy any way we can. We suggest parents help too, by trying the following:

  • Establish a regular relaxing bedtime routine for your child. A regular nightly routine helps their body recognise that it is bedtime. This could include encouraging your child to take a warm shower or bath.
  • Make sure their sleep environment is pleasant. The bedroom should be cool—between 15 and 20 degrees—for optimal sleep. Screens with blue light are a no-no because they make it nigh on impossible for kids to wind down. Read a book to them instead.
  • Mattresses and pillows should be comfortable and clean – think Goldilocks. Keep their pillows clean (and yours too) by bringing them to Ainslie Laundrette. We’ll clean them so beautifully that the Tooth Fairy won’t mind slipping a hand underneath so much!
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